Today I met/made a cool new friend.(we didn’t see any of these shitty movies)

Anonymous said: Thank you

Con gusto, para servirle.

"Our struggle as Latin American women is different from that of women in developed countries. Like us, the latter play a fundamental role as reproducers of labor power and ideology, but our problematic arises fundamentally from the economic, political, and cultural exploitation of our people. Our struggle is, thus, not only for immediate demands: nor is it an individual one or against men. We seek the liberation of our countries from imperialism, dictatorship, and the local bourgeoisie—although we work simultaneously around the question of the specific condition of women and our oppression within the capitalist and patriarchal system.
While in the developed countries there is a struggle for contraception and abortion, in Latin America we must also fight against forced sterilization and certain birth-control projects which some governments have agreed to under pressure from the United States. For us women, it is not a question of demanding collective services such as daycare centers or laundries, but rather demanding general community services such as water, light, housing, and healthcare.”

Image Machine 26. Peter de Potter
taken by me from Dust #2

Anonymous said: I'm so sad and no one cares. My friends ignore me I keep seeing read at but no response. Why do I bother?

I’m pretty sure your friends do care, just let them know you’re feeling kinda down and you need to talk. If you’re like me and don’t like to talk about it, you can always write (at least that makes me feel better) and talk to yourself. But it’s important that you //know// how important you are, for your family and your friends and your social circle, even when sometimes they don’t notice you or pay attention to you (and most of the time is not on purpose) but you need to aknowledge your qualities and what makes you special in that social circle.
I know it is hard for you to realize it now, but you will later.
Don’t isolate yourself, it’ll make you feel worse. Try to talk to people, laugh. I don’t know I’m not good a this. Sorry.

I’m gonna tell you what I do when I’m depressed: I listen to good music, music that makes me happy. Take walks at night when everyone’s sleeping and it’s cold and lonely. Take ice cold showers (it makes me feel alive, not a zombie) and write or talk to myself.

Por último I want to say that if you need anything, and I can help, feel free to shoot me an ask and I will do what I can to help.
Hope you feel better soon.



Kinee Diouf photographed by Juergen Teller for Tank Magazine

i don’t feel attracted to white boys but i gotta admit some of them are really hot and they probably would get it if they asked


My Bloody Valentine, 1986
By Dave Watson